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                                                     GH DEVELOPMENT HOLDINGS LIMITED

      GH Development Holdings Limited is a company dedicated to professional IC design and product solution development. The company was founded in 2004. Its headquarter is located at the Hi-Tech Park in Shenzhen with 1000 square meters of product R&D and customer service center. A branch was also established in Shanghai. GH combines research with development and keeps close cooperative relationships with well-known universities and research institutions,

      The company has more than 60 professional engineers dedicated to MCU software development, ASIC design and integrated solution service. The goal of the company is to develop IC for the electronics industry. GH dedicates to the detailed area of 3C product and has accumulated technical superiority. The products that use the IC and solution of GH have achieved high performance in the market.

      In the video game peripheral equipment area, GH has occupied 90% of the world market, and has rapidly grown to become the world’s leader. Considering the concentration level of video game peripheral equipment industry in China, GH has acquired the right to speak in the world market.
      While stabilizing and expanding the market share of our advantageous area, GH is also actively searching and developing strength in new areas. The purpose of which is to perfect the production line and improve anti-risk ability. Currently GH has made great progress in the technical development and market promotion of MID, PC, mobile phone peripheral equipment application IC, etc.

       GH has released Bluetooth IC BCM2042 and BCM20730 used for wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. The series of products is dedicated to the design of Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. They are intact, independent and user friendly Bluetooth I/O port (HID protocol is a standard established by SIG, that can realized the data communication among keyboard, mouse, game controller and other devices with a common I/O standard.) solutions. All the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse functions are included in a single IC, which uses energy saving technology to lower power consumption and increase battery life. For example, the Bluetooth mouse, which was developed based on the BCM2042 IC, uses two 1.5V alkaline batteries and can standby for 7.5 months. As smart phone and 3G phones are becoming more focused on providing multimedia experience for customers, file sharing function will also become an important consideration when customers are selecting phones. Under this trend, Bluetooth-compatible function will have bright future in the 3G and smartphone market. Therefore, GH has successfully developed a Google Android system connectible Bluetooth keyboard solution. The solution also supports Windows Mobile 6.0 system or higher. Phones can connect to keyboards through Bluetooth, which will make texting or typing faster and easier and allow customers to enjoy the real mobile fun. The current products developed by GH include Bluetooth free-space mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth anti-lost wristband, PS3 bluetooth controller, Wii controller and Bluetooth car, etc. GH always puts customer in the No.1 Position. According to the suggestions given by customers, we always try to update and improve the functions of our product. Currently we are developing many products based on the “smart” platform.

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